About Rising Spirit Academy

About Rising Spirit Academy in Oxford

Rising Spirit Academy was opened in 2005 by Chief Instructor Mr Williams, bringing Oxford’s diverse cultures and families together under one roof.

Rather than simply focusing on teaching a specific Martial Art, Rising Spirit Academy focuses on Personal Development based around a modern Martial Art framework. With Rising Spirit’s brand new concept, comes state-of-the-art equipment and teaching techniques. Our insistence that all our instructors must be trained as teachers, not just as Martial Artists, means they can transfer their skills and enthusiasm to you and your family. The outcome is that each student gets real value from every course we offer.

Our aims

When our first families began their journey with us, we quickly realised the real reasons you enrol yourselves and your families in Martial Arts. We have found your priority is not in achieving the textbook-perfect punch or kick 100% of the time, every lesson. Instead, we have found you want a safe environment for you and your children to enjoy yourselves; somewhere free from negative peer-pressure, for quality family time together... to develop into the people you’ve always wanted to be.

Incorporating Life Skills

We work on utilising self-control in difficult situations, improving concentration and increasing physical fitness. We help parents with their child’s behavioural issues at school and home, for a happier family life. Our juniors also learn all the skills required to prevent bullying. Most importantly everyone at the Academy has fun and makes new friends!

Looking to the future

Today, Rising Spirit Academy is well established throughout the Oxford community and is moving from strength to strength... meaning we're getting it right. Clubs come and go, but Rising Spirit Academy is here to stay because we offer a truly unique education, rather than just an activity.

An activity is something you can do for an hour or two a couple of times per week. An education is always with you - to keep for life.


My 10 year old was hyperactive, mischievous, defiant, aggressive and short tempered. Consequently he got into a lot of trouble inside and outside school. We (his parents) and his school seem to have been constantly battling to improve his behaviour - without much success. However, since we both started at Rising Spirit Academy four months ago there has been a huge improvement in his behaviour, with positive comments coming from his teachers.

They have observed that he has become more relaxed, happier in himself and able to sit with other children and play board games for the first time in 5 years.

At home he has also become more relaxed, more affectionate and less defiant and angry. Of course he still has bad moments, but they are far less frequent than before. I believe the regular physical training releases his natural aggression in a safe way. Likewise, the sparring and weapons training is an excellent outlet for such a boy, who would happily spend hours every day engaged in rough and tumble.

The strict rules and atmosphere of respect, coupled with the life skills taught on the Leadership course provide an excellent model.

Many thanks.

Mr Morris ~ Parent and student at the Academy

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