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We (my girlfriend and I) have been coming here for a couple of months now and really enjoy the sessions. The classes are structured so that you are always with people of your own ability, and there is flexibility as to when you can train (pick 2 from 4 days per week for beginners). Its great that there are people of all ages in the groups and the high number of sessions per week mean that the group sizes are small. The instuctor instills a sense of discipline and respect in each student from day one which is great for the atmosphere. In the short time we've been coming we both improved our fitness levels (just signed up for my first half marathon!) and look forward to continuing.

Mr Emery ~ Student at the Academy

My 10 year old was hyperactive, mischievous, defiant, aggressive and short tempered. Consequently he got into a lot of trouble inside and outside school. We (his parents) and his school seem to have been constantly battling to improve his behaviour - without much success. However, since we both started at Rising Spirit Academy four months ago there has been a huge improvement in his behaviour, with positive comments coming from his teachers. They have observed that he has become more relaxed, happier in himself and able to sit with other children and play board games for the first time in 5 years.

At home he has also become more relaxed, more affectionate and less defiant and angry. Of course he still has bad moments, but they are far less frequent than before. I believe the regular physical training releases his natural aggression in a safe way. Likewise, the sparring and weapons training is an excellent outlet for such a boy, who would happily spend hours every day engaged in rough and tumble.

The strict rules and atmosphere of respect, coupled with the life skills taught on the Leadership course provide an excellent model.

Many thanks.

Mr Morris ~ Parent and student at the Academy

My son experienced bullying when attending pre-school and despite having changed schools for Year 1, was left with confidence and behavioural issues, problems with authority and an uncooperative attitude when faced with the challenges of learning and socialising. He was often aggressive and tearful at school and I feared that this early bad experience might blight his education and development for years to come.

In November 2007, aged 6, he enrolled at Rising Spirit Academy and began training under the instruction of Mr. Williams. This, I believe, marked a turning point for him. Since then, his self-confidence and self-esteem have improved dramatically and he is fulfilling his personal and academic potential at school. He has learned to participate positively in and out of school, facing and overcoming challenges in a measured and mature way and is able to resolve feelings of frustration without falling back on aggression and other bad habits. He has become a contented and self-assured child who feels proud of his achievements.

Through the Leadership Programme at Rising Spirit Academy he has learnt, understood and implemented valuable life-skills such as goal setting and problem solving as well as the discipline of Martial Arts. The physical challenge has provided him with a much needed positive channel for his boundless energy and he has learnt how to concentrate and apply himself. Thanks to Mr. Williams’ natural empathy with children and his ability to lead by example, my son now has a healthy respect for those in authority.

My son’s resulting progress and achievements have been welcomed by his teachers as well as at home. I would recommend Rising Spirit Academy unreservedly to any parent who has had similar experiences with their own children.

Mrs Beedell ~ Parent and student at the Academy

We originally wanted our daughter to do a Martial Art to give her confidence in herself and help her concentration in general. In the 18 months she has been attending Rising Spirit Academy she has changed completely. She has gone from being very shy and introverted to having the confidence to approach people and start chatting to them. Mr Williams’ relaxed teaching style means the students actually enjoy the learning process, which means they focus more and ultimately learn more quickly. The Academy teaches the students discipline, respect, patience as well as self control and stamina. Having seen how well my daughter is progressing, I would have no hesitation in recommending a Rising Spirit Academy Martial Arts course as a worthwhile investment.

Mrs Williams ~ Parent

About three months ago myself, husband and son (8) joined Mr Williams’ Rising Spirit Academy and it has been the best decision we have made for ourselves and son in terms of his behaviour and concentration, which has changed dramatically.

Prior to joining the academy my son was getting into trouble at school and nearly every week his teacher came out at the end of the day to tell us about an incident. His school work had also not been up to standard due to his lack of concentration.

We have been through a number of groups, doctors and hospital appointments to determine any causes, which have either been irrelevant or have only worked for a short period of time.

But for the last 6-8 weeks we have not had any complaints and schoolwork/homework has improved greatly. We have even had compliments from people about his politeness and it's all down to Mr Williams and his team. They show great patience, discipline and respect for all students, treating everyone equally. They also have extra programmes to help students who have problems with concentration and discipline in a structured, formal environment; as is the way with martial arts.

It works for our son because it gives him goals to aim for in the respect of gaining different belts for hard work. Moves are demonstrated and repeated so he remembers more easily, warnings are given and if not adhered to discipline is maintained using forms of exercise rather than exclusion.

This has been a fantastic opportunity for all of us, with changes made in our son in such a short amount of time. We look forward to the future and to what it holds for our family.

Many thanks.

Mrs Phillips ~ Mother and student at the Academy

Rising spirit Academy is very family friendly and students have individual attention. My son was very much inspired and Mr Williams has been a role model for him.

Ehzil Anand ~ Parent

Rising Spirit Academy has helped me to develop my confidence and fitness. Mr Williams is kind, inspiring, understanding, very confident, humorous and good at teaching. I am very sad to go up to Leeds and I will miss the whole Academy.

Aditya Anand ~ Student at the Academy

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